Weed in Oia

Oia is a beautiful little village on the island of Santorini. It has a beautiful white architecture that is common for the Cyclades islands. It is also the home of the popular windmill that you might recognize from postcard photos of Greece. This little slice of paradise is great for photos and a romantic vacation, but what is the situation with weed? Well, it’s not too good, sadly, but read on for all the details.

Cannabis laws in Greece

When it comes to cannabis, Greece has relatively strict laws for a European country. At first glance, things do not that bad, as cannabis possession meant for personal use is decriminalized, but when we look deeper it becomes apparent that the law is quite poorly written. You will probably only get a fine if you are caught smoking a joint, but a judge needs to decide that. What that means is that tourists will often spend a day or two in jail, before they can see a judge and be issued a fine.

It should go without saying that you don’t want to spend your vacation in a Greek jail, so be careful when smoking in Greece. Keep your eyes open and do not do it in public spaces with people walking around. Many of the older people are anti-weed and might call the cops if they notice you are smoking.

Getting weed in Oia

The truth is that getting cannabis in Oia is nearly impossible for tourists, unless you have a local connection. The laws are hars, especially on dealers, and you won’t have many of them walking around an offering their services. If you are passing by a bigger city, like Athens or Thessaloniki, you might have more luck and should consider picking up from there. If you are stuck in Oia however, do not despair not all hope is lost. You should try asking young locals to hook you up, as many of them smoke and might have a stash or a connection.

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