Weed in Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk is one of the oldest cities in America, and it is a very important historic, financial and cultural center for its region. It is well known for its military history and is a must-see for any history buff, due to the many wonderful museums. If you go to Norfolk to party, you will be happy to know that marijuana was legalized. However, there are still a few caveats:

Cannabis laws in Virginia

Since July 1st, 2021, the recreational use of cannabis in Virginia is legal. This means that Virginia is the first of the southern states that allow the recreational use of marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is also legal in the state. Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, as well as to grow up to four cannabis plants.

Despite of the huge progress that has bee made on the weed front by the Virginia lawmakers, it won’t be until 2024 when the first dispenceries open. This means that getting weed is much easer, but buying it is still illegal.

Getting weed in Norfolk

Finding cannabis in Norfolk should not be hard. The city is hip and liberal and many people smoke weed, especially now that recreational use is legal. While without dispenceries there are no easy ways to get weed, you could just ask around. Many of the young people, the students and people working in the service industry will be able to help you out, just be cool and friendly about it.

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