Weed in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is easily the most fun city in the South and maybe even the world. If you are into good food, good music, and great drinks, you will enjoy this place. In between the French colonial buildings, you might encounter the sweet scent of marijuana, and feel the need to smoke yourself. While weed is illegal in Louisiana, it’s not too hard to score in New Orleans. Keep reading for the full breakdown of cannabis in New Orleans:

Cannabis laws in Louisiana

Louisiana was quick to legalize medicinal marijuana, back in 1991, but recreational use is still not allowed. The good news is that the laws aren’t too harsh and the possession of small amounts of weed is decriminalized. Currently, if you have less than 14 grams on you, and it’s your first offense, you will get a 300$ fine and/or 15 days in jail. The exact punishment depends on the circumstances and how much cannabis you have on you. For any subsequent marijuana offence, or for having more weed, you can get into a lot more trouble.

New Orleans is generally cooler about weed than the rest of the state, but cannabis is still not legalized. It’s best to not smoke pot on the street and to be careful with how much weed you have on you. Be careful and avoid the cops and you should avoid serious trouble.

Getting weed in New Orleans

If you take a walk around New Orleans, there is a good chance you will smell someone smoking weed. You might also see “weed buses’, but those are a tourist trap and a scam. The truth is that cannabis is not hard to get, but if you get some, the quality is not great. A lot of dealers hang out around Bourbon street and if you keep your eyes open for sketchy people that just seem to be hanging out, approach them and ask. Keep in mind that some of the dealers might try to rip you off, so ask to see the cannabis first and haggle for the price a bit.

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