Weed in Nan, Thailand

Nan is a town in northern Thailand, which is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. It’s less touristy than places like Chiang Mai, and if you want to experience a more local Thai city, this is the place for you. However, when it comes to weed, it is not the best city. It’s not impossible to score here, but it is a bit harder than in bigger and more popular areas. keep on reading for all of the information you will need on the cannabis situation in Nan:

Cannabis laws in Thailand

There is a long and complicated history of cannabis use in Thailand. It used to be used for traditional medicine centuries ago, it then became very illegal, and nowadays it is very common and sold out into the open. Cannabis is illegal in Thailand, still, but in reality there are many people smoking or eating edibles all of the time and in public. In theory, you can get into a lot of trouble, but in practice you will likely not get into trouble, or you will have to pay a bribe to the cops.

Cannabis is illegal in Thailand, but they are more concerned with growing their tourism industry, that they are with catching tourists with joints in their pockets. Don’t smoke in public, or in crowded places and you should be fine.

Getting weed in Nan

Finding weed in Nan shouldn’t be an issue. Many of the tuk-tuk drivers will be able to sort you out if you ask them. On top of that, you have Chiang Mai, where finding weed is even easier. There are also some happy shake and happy pizza establishments, where you can get edibles. Just look out for those. If you do buy weed, keep in mind that it is grown outside and the quality is often bad and it doesn’t look great. However, it will get you high.

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