Weed in Mumbai

Mumbai is a densely populated city located on the west coast of India. While cannabis is not legal in India, it is incredibly easy to procure, especially in Mumbai. Here is a comprehensive guide to consuming and buying cannabis in Mumbai, India.

Cannabis laws in India

Cannabis remains illegal, with sentences ranging from six months to two years in prison.

Though cannabis is technically illegal, it typically is not of great concern to local officials. It’s reported that dealers will openly sell their products on the street, with little to no repercussions. Oftentimes you can walk through various neighborhoods and smell the hash being freely smoked out on the street.

Where to get weed in Mumbai

Colaba is the main tourist area of Mumbai, meaning it’s one of the easiest spots to find cannabis. However, many people report individuals trying to rip tourists off simply because they don’t know any better. Overall, the prices are slightly higher in Colaba, though availability and diversity of products are great as well.

If you are in Colaba, simply walk towards the Colaba Causeway and continue towards Regal Cinema. It’s likely several locals will approach you and offer you their product. Some will even offer to take you in a taxi to a local dealer’s place, though be cautious of this if you are traveling alone. Otherwise, you can often arrange a time and place to meet and they’ll bring it to you then.

Cannabis Prices

Depending on where you purchase the cannabis, the prices will vary as well. In Colaba with cannabis, average prices range from 100 to 700 rupees (two to 10 dollars) per gram. However, it’s totally possible to find moderate quality weed for as little as just 20 cents for a quarter ounce if you know where to go. Hash will depend on the quality of the product. Average reported prices for a decent quality hash run at about 500 rupees (eight dollars) per five grams.

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