Weed in Montreal

Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada and is located in the French part of the country, though English is spoken by many. The city has great architecture, amazing culture, and a fun nightlife. If you want to smoke some weed while in Montreal, you can most certainly do that. Keep on reading for more information and some recommendations from us:

Cannabis laws in Canada

Cannada legalized cannabis recreationally nationwide, in 2018, making it the second country in the world to do so. The regulations surrounding marijuana are similar to those of alcohol, with minors not being allowed to buy weed and the driving of a car while high being illegal too. If you are an adult, you can buy weed un Cannada, from many dispensaries, or even online.

Cannada is the first major Western nation to fully legalize cannabis and it sets the blueprint for what we might see in the US federally and in Europe in the near future. The market is well developed and buying weed is not an issue, as long as you are an adult.

Getting weed in Montreal

The best way to get cannabis in Montreal is through a dispensary. There are multiple in town and any that is close to you should be fine. However, if you want some recommendations, here are ours:

  • SQDC: this is a cannabis store chain and has multiple locations in Montreal. Arguably, this is the most popular disepncery and there is a good reason for that. The stores are nice, clean and modern and the prices and selection are good. Beyond that, what do you really need?
  • vertexpress: this is a very popular and well reviewed cannabis delivery service. You can order weed online here and get it the same day, if you don’t feel like walking into a physical dispencery.

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