Weed in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans that is steadily becoming more and more popular with tourists. It’s a beautiful piece of Europe, filled with nature, amazing old cities and coastline. You should hurry up and visit before it becomes overcrowded. Despite all of the positive things, cannabis is hard to find in Montenegro and the laws are pretty strict. We go into some more detail in the article below:

Cannabis laws in Montenegro

Sadly, Montenegro has a very strict drug law policy. It’s not a surprise, considering that the neighboring countries like Croatia and Albania are also pretty tough on weed, so it isn’t much of a surprise. You probably won’t go to prison for smoking a join, but spending a night in jail and paying a fine pretty common. Of course, it’s also very likely that you will be asked for a bribe by the cops. Whatever happens, don’t cross any borders with marijuana on you and don’t carry more than a few grams or you’ll likely go to prison.

The people in Montenegro are pretty conservative when it comes to weed and even medicinal marijuana seems to be a long way off. Young people do smoke and are cool, but the older generations are not very appreciative and they are the ones that write the laws in the end.

Getting weed in Montenegro

As already mentioned weed is taboo in Montenegro and getting your hands on marijuana can be pretty challenging. Most of the locals have a contact they can call up and order from and there simply aren’t that many street dealers walking around. That being said we have weed guides to Kotor and Budva, so check those out. Most of the weed in Montenegro comes from Albania and the quality isn’t the best.

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