Weed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is located on Lake Michigan, not too far away from Chicago. It’s Wisconsin’s largest city and a great, cool Midwestern city. If you ever find yourself there you might be interested in smoking some weed. Sadly, Wisconsin is not very friendly to cannabis users, but Milwaukee fares better in that regard. Keep on reading for all of the information on cannabis in Milwaukee:

Cannabis laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is not the most liberal state in the USA and cannabis is still illegal there, for recreational use. Statewide, for the possession of any amount of marijuana, if this is your first offense, you can get up to 6 months in jail and a 1000$ fine. For subsequent offenses, you can expect 3.5 years of incarceration and a 10 000$. Luckily, Milwaukee is more relaxed than the rest of the state, when it comes to weed. In Milwaukee, the first time possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis will only net you a 50$ fine.

Overall, cannabis is still not accepted in the state of Wisconsin, but within Milwaukee, the laws are much more relaxed and weed is effectively decriminalized within the city. It’s still a good idea to smoke in private places and to be discreet about your pot habit.

Getting weed in Milwaukee

Getting your hands on cannabis in Milwaukee can be tough if you don’t know anyone. Because marijuana is not legal, you will need a hook-up in order to get some pot and it can be hard for visitors of the city to find the right person. The good thing is, however, that recreational weed is legal in Illinois, which is just a short drive away from Milwaukee. Of course, bringing weed back from Illinois to Wisconsin isn’t legal, but it doesn’t seem to stop many people from doing that.

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