Weed in Milan

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With architecture rivaling that of Paris, you are sure to enjoy your visit there. The beautiful streets and great food can be made even more enjoyable with some marijuana. Here is our guide on getting cannabis in Milan.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Marijuana is illegal in Italy, but you are not likely to get into much trouble if caught with small quantities for personal use. Personal use is treated as a misdemeanor and you are likely to get a fine for having weed on you. Selling and growing, however, are illegal and could get you in a lot of trouble, even jail. Marijuana is more tolerated in Milan that it is in other places in Italy, but you should still avoid smoking in public, just stick to smoking at home.

Medicinal marijuana is legal to a limited extent. It can be prescribed to a small number of patients for pain relief. While the system is not ideal and is also very limited, this is a step in the right direction for Italy and Europe in general.

Where to get marijuana in Milan

Unless you know somebody in Milan, street dealers are your best bet of getting weed in Milan. Hash and weed are both widely available, with hash being slightly more popular and easier to get. A good place to look is Sempione Park which is located close to the city center. Simply go there and look for Arabs, looking like dealers. You can approach them by asking for ‘fumo’ in Italian. The price of a gram of weed in Milan is 10 euros. The quality of the cannabis from the street dealers can vary a lot from one dealer to another.

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