Weed in Miami, Florida

Miami is the economic and cultural center of Florida and one of the most popular cities in the whole USA. Riddled with skyscrapers, it’s an amazing city that everyone should try an visit. Here, many people choose to live, visit and of course party. If you are in Miami you will want to party and smoking weed is an integral part of that. The good news is that the cannabis laws in Miami are not very strict and getting your hands on some cannabis shouldn’t be an issue.

Cannabis laws in Florida

A lot of people in Florida smoke pot, but recreational cannabis is still illegal. There is legal medicinal marijuana, but you need a doctor’s note for that and it’s not easily accessible. When it comes to recreational use, it largely depends from county to county. In Miami-Dade, the possession of a small amount of weed is decriminalized and the punishments are some of the lowest in the state. If you possess less than 20 grams on you, you can only get a 100$ fine, or two days of community service.

Weed is as good as legal in Miami, and it’s a shame that the legislators have not yet made it properly legal and regulated. Right now any weed that you buy in Miami is illegal and none of that money will go to taxes. The good news is that recreational legalization is likely going to come along soon.

Getting weed in Miami

Miami has a name for itself as a party capital, so finding weed in Miami shouldn’t be too hard. One of the easiest things you can do is ask someone that works in the hotel you are staying in, or just in any hotel. Many Bellhops and Bag-boys will be able and willing to help you out. If you can’t do that for some reason, you can take a stroll around Miami Beach and ask someone that looks like a stoner, or a college student. Many people smoke cannabis in Miami, so getting something to smoke shouldn’t be an issue. The price can vary a lot for non-locals, but it’s similar to other parts of the US, or even cheaper.

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