Weed in Merano

Merano is the second-largest city in the South Tyrol province of Italy, after Bolzano. It looks more Austrian than it does Italian and has a more mild climate than other places in the country which makes it a great place to visit in the summer. When it comes to cannabis, the laws aren’t too strict but the availability is an issue. Keep on reading for more.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Italian law has always been relaxed when it came to weed and in recent years things have been becoming better and better. Medicinal marijuana and ‘cannabis light‘ have been legalized, though not to the extent we see in Canada. Currently, weed is illegal but decriminalized in small quantities for your own use. The police do not care too much about small-time users and instead focus on the dealers. That being said, you could get fined for having weed on you so it is better not to just smoke out into the open.

Like Spain and Portugal, Italy is very progressive when it comes to cannabis legislation and if a more liberal government comes into power we might see the legalization of recreational use. For now, you still have to be careful and you can’t smoke in public places, but don’t sweat it too much.

Getting weed in Merano

Despite the relaxed laws in Italy, finding weed in Merano can be a hassle if you don’t know any locals. Unlike bigger cities like Rome and Naples, you really have to get lucky to find a dealer in Merano. You could try strolling in the area around the railway station, or you could look around during a night out, but the truth is it is harder to get weed here than it is in other parts of the country. If you do manage, keep in mind that hash is often cheaper and better.

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