Weed in Medellin

Colombia is a desirable destination for travelers, especially the capital city of Antioquia province called Medellin. The city has many names, but one of the most popular is the city of eternal spring. The reason for that name is warm temperature throughout the whole year, so if you’re looking to recharge your batteries, Medellin could be a great choice! The city is popular with many hills and mountains, so people who enjoy outdoor activities will find the city very popular. Each year, the city becomes more attractive to tourists and expats, so you may be interested in getting more information on cannabis in Medellin? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Medellin.

Cannabis Laws in Colombia

Cannabis and any activity related to cannabis is decriminalized but still controlled. The police are actively trying to decrease cocaine and cannabis consumption in Colombia. If you’re going to smoke in Medellin then it’s advisable to use your common sense, especially if you’re planning to smoke outside. People who get caught with smaller quantities by the police usually will get outside the trouble paying small bribery, but if you get caught with huge quantities, then you can expect a harsh time. Police are very corrupt in Colombia, and they love to search for white tourists because of the bribe. Medical marijuana has been legalized in recent years.

Where to Get Cannabis in Medellin

Getting cannabis in Medellin is a very easy task as you can find it literally on every step. Like we already mentioned, the city is populated with many tourists and expats which means that you should check the backpacker hostels or make friends with westerners. The best way to score high-quality cannabis is by befriending a local who probably knows people who can help you. If you just walk around the city, you can expect to be approached a few times by people who will offer you some cannabis. It’s a good deal, but be careful when dealing with street dealers. Never give your money in front and always check the quality before buying.

Cannabis Prices

Cannabis in Medellin is usually grown outdoors in surrounding villages and you can’t expect the highest quality, but you will always get huge quantities for the extremely low price. For example, you can expect to pay around $50 for an ounce of medium quality cannabis. It’s the price if you have some connection, but if you don’t, then you get an ounce for a much lower price from street dealers. The quality isn’t the best though, but it will give you a high.

Other Information

Cannabis is widely used in Medellin, and you can easily get your hands on huge quantities for a low price. Police are corrupt there, so they will most likely target tourists in the hope of get bribe money. Use your common sense and don’t walk around tourist places smoking joints. Enjoy your stay!

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