Weed in Mazatlan

Mazatlán is a city with a lot of interesting history, culture, art, and things to do. Most of the visitors to the city come for the beaches, but there is also a great historical center and local culture that is interesting to experience. If you want to supplement your trip there with some cannabis, you are in luck, as Mexico is not very strict about weed, and finding marijuana in Mazatlán shouldn’t be an issue:

Cannabis laws in Mexico

Currently, in Mexico, there is an ongoing debate about the legalization of recreational marijuana, and it seems like in the future weed will be legal. However, it will likely take some time for the law to be voted on and put into place, as as it currently stands, cannabis is illegal in the country. The good news is that the laws are not very strict and the possession of small amounts of marijuana, up to 5 grams, is decriminalized. The efforts are instead aimed at larger-scale traffickers.

Most of the time the police might hassle you for a small bribe, especially if you’re not local, but there isn’t much to worry about if you keep it under 5 grams.

Getting weed in Mazatlan

Because of the relaxed laws, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get weed in Mazatlan. If you walk around the Zona Dorada you will likely be offered to buy some by the street dealers. Otherwise, just ask around. Most people that work in the tourism sector know how to help you out and will. The only thing you need to be careful about is getting ripped off, always ask to see and smell the cannabis before handing someone any money.

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