Weed in Maspalomas

Maspalomas is a tourist town in the south of the Gran Canaria island. It’s a place designed for tourism and it should go without saying that you’ll get a great Spanish vacation out there. When it comes to cannabis, it’s not hard to get, but you might have to look around for it. Read below for all of the cannabis information you need, in order to score in Maspalomas.

Cannabis laws in Spain

The cannabis laws in Spain are convoluted and not very clean-cut, but it is clear that the country is very liberal when it comes to marijuana. The possession, cultivation, and use of weed are all legal, but only in private paces. That means that you can smoke a joint in your house and not have to worry about anything. The second you step out, however, it becomes illegal, albeit decriminalized. If the cops catch you with a couple of grams on the street, you only face a fine and no prison time.

Many people smoke out in the open in Spain, and it’s usually fine to do so. However, keep in mind that you might get fined and your weed might be confiscated if the police see you. In order to be totally safe, only smoke at home, where you have nothing to worry about.

Getting weed in Maspalomas

It’s not too hard to find weed in Maspalomas. It’s a very touristy place, especially in the Playa Ingles area, and you will likely be offered to buy some if you just walk around town in the evening. You’re almost guaranteed to score some if you walk down the Paseo Costa Canaria. Just keep in mind that the dealers might try to rip you off by selling you grass instead of weed. Always check the weed or hash you’re buying before paying. Also, don’t be scared to haggle, you can usually get the price down by 50%. A good price is 7-8 euros per gram, but locals get it cheaper still.

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