Weed in Martinique

Martinique is an oversees Territorial Collectivity of France, but what this means exactly is beyond the scope of this article. What you need to know is that the island is a tropical paradise, just like most of the other Caribbean islands. Weed is sadly not legal in Martinique, but that does not stop the locals from consuming a lot of it and it likely won’t stop you. Keep on reading for all the necessary information on cannabis in Martinique:

Cannabis laws in Martinique

Marijuana is illegal in Martinique, just like in most other Caribbean islands. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find weed on the island, but there is no legal way to obtain it. Some of the locals do grow and many people smoke weed in Martinique, but there does not seem to be a lot of discussion of legalisation currently. The only hope for policy change would be if France moves towards legalisation, but that also done’t seem to be on the table for now.

If you do smoke weed in Martinique, be careful and avoid all of the cops. You probably won’t get sent to jail just for a bit of weed, but you might have to pay a bribe, so be discreet and don’t smoke in public.

Getting weed in Martinique

There is a thriving cannabis culture in Martinique and there is a decent chance that you will be offered to buy cannabis while there. If no one approaches you, feel free to go to the first pasta you see and ask them to hook you up, most of them are very friendly and will sell you pot on the spot. When it comes to the quality, the marijuana is not the best, but the prices are more than affordable, so you can compensate with quantity over quality.

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