Weed in Marseilles

Marseille is a port city that is located in southern France, and it had a major role in history. Throughout history, Marseille was the main immigration city which means there are many cultural influences today. The city is popular for its seafood specialties and modern architecture which makes it a perfect city for smoking cannabis during the exploration. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Marseille.

Cannabis Laws in France

Any activity regarded cannabis is strictly illegal in France and the police target weed dealers and smokers. If you get caught with weed on you, then you will probably get fined and depending on the amount, you can end up being prosecuted. Also, people who got caught a few times with a small amount will be sent to counselors. The best advice is to smoke in secluded or private places if you don’t want trouble.

Where to Get Cannabis

Getting cannabis in Marseille is pretty straightforward as many people are living in selling weed. Just walk around the city, check some of the parks and you will probably smell decent cannabis. Your best bet, if you don’t have connections, is to check train stations. Just walk around train stations, and you will get approached dozens of times by younger dudes asking you if you need something. You should definitely check out St. Charles train station where young people hang out. Getting weed in Marseille is pretty easy as it’s a business for many people which means you can get your hands on very potent cannabis. Also, check your weed before buying, but you don’t need to worry that you’ll get ripped off on the streets.

Cannabis Prices

The prices mainly vary on the quantity and connections you have in the city. It may be a bit of hustle to find a high-quality weed, but hashish is prevalent in Marseille. You can get Afghani or Moroccan hashish for 10$ per gram. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, you can get a lower-quality hashish blend for around $5 per gram. Marseille is located in southern France which means good weather and a lot of cannabis. People started to do outdoor grows so that you can get your hands on a decent quality weed, but it will be pricier and harder than toking hashish.

Other Information

Hashish is very prevalent in Marseille, and you can easily get on to the highest quality hashish in the world during your stay in the city. When it comes to cannabis, it became more popular in recent years, but still, it’s a bit of hustle to find a decent quality for a fair price. Always use your common sense when buying and smoking cannabis and avoid public places.

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