Weed in Marrakesh

Morocco is a country of diversity, and it offers something for every taste. People who’re passionate about outdoor activities will find the Atlas Mountains attractive, people who love ocean activities will go to western cities, and people who love to learn about the culture will go to Marrakesh. Marrakesh is a crucial city for the Moroccan economy, and it’s filled with temples, mosques, medinas, and gardens. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with detailed information on getting and smoking weed in Marrakesh.

Cannabis Law in Morocco

When it comes to cannabis in Morocco, any activity related to cannabis is illegal, and if you get caught with cannabis, you can get in serious trouble. However, these laws are only applicable to locals and tourists can get away if they smoke discretely. Morocco is a huge source of hashish and cannabis which means their economy is growing because of tourist money. Police usually won’t bother if you’re a tourist, but if they do, expect to pay a small fine without getting in further trouble.

Where to Get Cannabis in Marrakesh 

Marrakesh is a touristy city, so if you don’t know locals there, your best bet is to follow the tourists. Also, the place called Djemma-al-Fna is a huge square where many things happen. There will be many people walking around who will offer you hashish or weed. Always be sure to check the bag before giving away your money as it’s a popular scam that dealers give you a fake weed. Also, bargaining is the must as you’ll get a better offer every time. If you want to get high-quality stuff, then you should find a Moroccan friend who can connect you with some people.

Cannabis Prices

The price hugely depends on your connections, but it averages about $8 per gram of decent quality weed and $5 for a brick of hash. If you’re buying in higher quantities, you’ll get a better price, but always demand to get your weed weighed. Also, never give a dealer your information about the place where are you staying or your plans in the city.

Other Information

Getting weed in Marrakesh is very easy, and you will get approached by a lot of people offering you hashish or weed. The quality and quantity will vary, especially if you don’t know any local in the city. Don’t smoke in public places and don’t carry massive quantities on yourself. Enjoy your stay in Marrakesh!

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