Weed in Marbella

Marbella is in the South of Spain, close by to Malaga. The city is popular for its great beaches, climate and the numerous historical sites it offers. You will have a good time, great food and will be able to smoke some weed in Marbella. The Spanish cannabis laws are very relaxed and if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find something to smoke quickly. Keep on reading for out cannabis guide to Marbella.

Cannabis laws in Spain

We have good news! Spain is very chill when it comes to marijuana and it is actually partially legal. Due to the way the constitution is written, cannabis is actually legal in private spaces. In effect, that means that you are allowed to smoke weed and even grow it in your own house. As soon as you go out, however, or if your plants are on the balcony, it becomes illegal. While possession and consumption of weed are illegal in public, it is also decriminalized, meaning that you will only get a fine. Unless you carry large quantities, if you carry more than a few grams with you, that can get you into a lot of trouble.

A lot of people smoke weed around the beach or the parks in Spain and generally, you will not get into a lot of trouble. A fine is the most that can happen, but even that is unlikely and a lot of people get away with just a warning. Just don’t go smoking in a policeman’s face and it should be fine.

Getting weed in Marbella

It is very easy to get marijuana in Marbella. The summer is much easier than the winter, but if you look hard you will be able to get some for sure. Some good spots to check out are: “Parque de la ConstituciĆ³n”, “Puerto Deportivo de Marbella”, “Puerto Banus” or “Plaza Naranjos”. Just walk around those places and you will likely be offered to buy some weed or hash, especially in the evening. If no one approaches you, just ask some teenagers and they will likely hook you up. The prices differ a lot for tourists, but do not pay more than 6-7 euros per gram.

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