Weed in Manila

If you’re looking for a vacation destination to refill your batteries, then we can’t recommend you any better location than the Philippines. The capital city is called Manila and is located on the coast. There are so many things to see and experience including amazing historic architecture that dates from colonialism, delicious street food and friendly people with wide smiles. What’s the situation with cannabis in Manila you may ask? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Manila.

Cannabis Laws in the Philippines

The laws regarding cannabis are stringent in the Philippines, and you can end up in prison or even get a life sentence for possessing a few grams of cannabis. Many reports note people got a life sentence for possessing only 5 grams of weed. Don’t play with the officers there as they know the laws and are very corrupt, so you never know if you will buy yourself a ticket outside the prison. Many people smoke there, but are very discreet, especially when buying cannabis.

Where to Get Cannabis in Manila

Your best bet is checking the place called Sagada-Sagada which is populated by many tourists and locals are open to cannabis consumption. Although Sagada isn’t directly in Manila, it’s only 14 kilometers outside the city, and you can easily reach the place. Another good way to score cannabis is by befriending locals or having a conversation during a tuk-tuk ride. These people usually know people, and it won’t be a hustle to communicate with them as many know English well.

Cannabis Prices

Surprisingly, the laws are stringent and you can end up in prison for consumption, weed is prevalent and prices are low. Weed is sold in small packages that are usually enough for two joints and for $5 you can get 5 bags. If you’re buying on the street, then you can expect to get a cigarette box filled with cannabis for around $40. We don’t advise you to buy larger quantities, but we want to give you a picture of the prices as you can get a kilo of cannabis for around $300.

Other Information

Cannabis is widespread in Manila, but the laws are very strict, and tourists are usually targets for corrupt police. You can get out of trouble with a bribe, but we advise you always to be discreet when involved in any activity related to cannabis. Use your common sense, and you’ll be fine. Enjoy your vacation!

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