Weed in Mangalia

Mangalia is one of Romania’s most popular tourist destinations and its biggest seaside resort. It is located in the Constanta county on the shores of the Black Sea. Smoking some weed while relaxing on the beach is definitely going to take your vacation in Romania up a notch. Cannabis in Romania is illegal however and getting your hands on some marijuana can be quite challenging. Read on for our guide to cannabis in Mangalia.

Cannabis laws in Romania

Marijuana in Romania is illegal for recreational use. However, it is worth mentioning that in 2013 medicinal marijuana was legalized, showing that the country is moving in a positive direction. In theory, the laws regarding the recreational use of cannabis are quite strict and you could go to prison. However, in practice, it is very unlikely that this will happen for a small quantity of marijuana. Most people caught smoking rarely spend more than a night in jail and usually get off with just a fine. Growing and selling weed is illegal and punishable with prison.

Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted in Romania, but up to now, it is recommended to be very careful when smoking there. Be discreet and try not to smoke in public places. Receiving a fine or spending a night in Romanian jail is enough to ruin any holiday.

Getting cannabis in Mangalia

Getting weed while in Mangalia can be very hard, if you do not know any locals. You will have to rely on street dealers, who are often gypsies and will try to rip you off. If you walk around the main street and the beach at night there is a good chance that you will be offered weed. Be careful and always ask to see the weed before paying. You can also try asking the locals working in the resort, many of them smoke and will be able to hook you up.

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