Weed in Lyon

Lyon is a very historical city, and the city center is home to more than 2,000 years of history in terms of monuments and memorable landmarks. From the Roman Amphitheater des Trois Guales to Traboules, which are covered passageways between buildings, Lyon has a lot to offer. It is also an easy place to procure weed. Here is a comprehensive guide to consuming and buying cannabis in Lyon, France.

Cannabis laws in France

Cannabis is illegal in France, and the French law is strict when it comes to the possession, consumption, growing, selling and buying of marijuana. All of these activities are considered offenses, with trafficking and selling considered criminal offenses with longer sentences and heavier overall penalties. In fact, cannabis-growers can face up to 30 years in prison and a fine of €7.5 million. These penalties are nearly equivalent to what terrorists face in France.

Enforcement varies with each government official. Some are lenient with tourists, some are very strict. Keep in mind that if you are caught doing any of the aforementioned activities, you can be placed under arrest and detained. So if you are going to consume cannabis, do it out of the public eye and somewhere discreet.

Where to buy weed in Lyon

It’s fairly easy to find cannabis in Lyon, as with most major cities. However, actual marijuana is relatively hard to come by, with hash being far more popular. In general, public and touristy areas such as bars, clubs, parks, etc., will be the best places to buy cannabis.

Average prices for hash in Lyon range from USD 20 to USD 30 for between 10 and 15 grams. Depending on who you know and who you buy from, both the price and quality can vary.

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