Weed in Lviv

Lviv is an interesting city that has changed hands many times through the years. It feels both foreign and Ukrainian and it’s a nice place to visit if you appreciate architecture, history, and culture. If you want to smoke weed in Lviv, however, things are a bit more complicated. The laws are not extremely harsh, but finding cannabis in Ukraine can be tough. Keep on reading for more:

Cannabis laws in Ukraine

Currently, marijuana is illegal in Ukraine, though there is an ongoing initiative to legalize the medical use of the drug. When it comes to possession if you are caught with 5 grams or less that is an administrative offense for which you will get a fine. The possession of higher quantities of weed, the intention to sell or to traffic are treated much more seriously and can land you in jail.

Ukraine is relatively weed-friendly for the region, but you still need to be very careful if you decide to smoke there. The police are not great to deal with and if you can avoid them, it’s a good idea. You should also never carry more than 5 grams on you.

Getting weed in Lviv

It can be hard to find weed in Lviv if you don’t know any locals. Ukraine doesn’t have much of a weed culture and there aren’t many locals that smoke marijuana. This means that there usually isn’t a street dealer hanging out at popular spots, like in other countries. Generally, you will need a Telegram number or username that you then contact and arrange a meeting with, however, you need a connection to get those.

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