Weed in Luxembourg

Nature lovers will most likely enjoy Luxembourg as it’s a small country surrounded by other three European countries and the majority of the country’s land is rural. The country is known for stunning forests, nature parks and breathtaking hills that can give you an intense workout. The capital city is very attractive with its old town and medieval architecture. What’s the current situation of cannabis in Luxembourg? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with a brief guide to getting and smoking weed in Luxembourg.

Cannabis Law in Luxembourg

Cannabis-related activities are illegal, but possessing small quantities for personal use is decriminalized. If you get caught with quantities lower than 5 grams, you don’t need to worry, but if the police caught you with more, then you can expect to go to the police station and pay a fair fine. Smoking cannabis in Luxembourg is acceptable, but try not to smoke near older people or touristy places as these are populated with police officers.

Where to Get Cannabis in Luxembourg 

To get your hands on potent cannabis, simply check out the place where the nightlife is going on. The name of the place is Grund, and you will most likely stumble upon younger people who’re smoking outside. Another spot for getting cannabis is by checking train stations, but be careful as these places are full of police and dealers might try to rob you there. Your best bet is simply walking around the city and checking their famous parks. In the parks, there will be many younger people hanging out and smoking weed. Approach them with a friendly vibe, and they will most likely help you or point you in the right direction.

Cannabis Price

The cannabis price comes at the standard rate for western Europe. You can expect to pay $10 for a gram, but you will get only the high-quality cannabis that is very potent. If you want to buy a larger quantity or you have connections, then you can expect to pay a lower price. Hashish isn’t so usual in Luxembourg, but if you’re lucky then expect to pay around $5 for a gram of compressed hashish brick.

Other Information

Getting and smoking cannabis in Luxembourg is relatively easy, and you probably won’t have any trouble with weed in the country. Use your common sense when smoking and don’t carry around more than 5 grams. Enjoy your stay in Luxembourg!

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