Weed in Lugano

Lugano is located in the southern part of Switzerland, in the Ticino canton. Unlike most of the country, this part of Switzerland is Italian speaking. Lugano is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, due to its beautiful medieval architecture and of course the lake Lugano. The lake provides all sorts of attractions, such as boat rides, restaurants and places where you can bathe in the summer. Switzerland has pretty liberal laws regarding marijuana, so smoking while visiting shouldn’t be an issue.

Cannabis laws in Switzerland

Cannabis is still illegal in Switzerland, but the country is slowly moving toward legalization and the laws are becoming more and more liberal. Since 2007 possession of cannabis is decriminalized. If you are caught with 10 grams of weed or less, you will have to pay a flat fine of 100 CHF. The same goes for consumption. If you are caught in the future, the fine will increase, depending on your financial situation. Selling or possessing weed in larger quantities can result in even larger fines and if you have more than 4kg on you, you will face prison.

Switzerland has very lax legislation when it comes to cannabis, but it is still best to remain discrete when smoking. You will not get into much trouble, but avoid smoking in public in order to skip the fine.

Finding weed in Lugano

There are a few good spots around Lugano where you can buy marijuana. If you walk around the Parco Civico, which is next to the lake, or in the vicinity of the Università della Svizzera italiana. There are generally some dealers hanging out in the area. They will usually approach you if you look like someone that would buy weed. The price is usually 15 CHF for a gram. The quality can depend, but it is neither too bad or too good, enough to get you high.

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