Weed in Liverpool

Once you visit Liverpool, you will be amazed by the architecture and things you can do in this beautiful city. When it comes to cannabis, it’s listed as a Class C drug, which means that you can get arrested and fined for possession of cannabis. Here’s the brief guide to getting and smoking weed in historic city Liverpool.

Cannabis Laws in the UK: 

Cannabis is listed as a Class C drug, but the government enforces a rescheduling to Class B. What does that mean? Well, if you’re getting caught with possession of a small amount of herb, you’ll most likely get arrested and fined in the police station. People who get caught with weed three times can end up in prison. There is no need to worry as you’ll probably be fine if you use your common sense. Don’t smoke in public and crowded places, but don’t hesitate to light it up in secluded parks or indoors.

Where to Get Cannabis in Liverpool:

It’s the same story with any English city – to get a decent weed, you should look for local people who smoke. The best bet is checking the busy pubs and when you smell weed, just ask local people politely if they can hook you up. Another great way to score is by checking nightclubs, but be careful as you’ll get searched on the entrance, so be sure that you packed it in a safe place.

Cannabis Prices in Liverpool:

The prices can vary, but basically, if you know someone, you’ll get more weed of better quality. The prices start at 15 euros per one gram of high-quality buds, but when you buy more, the price drops drastically. People who love hash can score it easier than weed for the price of 50 euros per ounce.

Other Information:

It’s straightforward to get hooked up and find someone who will provide you with the highest grade weed in Liverpool. Law enforcement isn’t so strict when it comes to cannabis, but you should always use your common sense when it comes to smoking outside. Avoid public and busy places and stick to apartments and secluded parks.

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