Weed in Lisbon

Portugal is a very cannabis-friendly country, though it offers a lot more than just that. Visitors in Lisbon enjoy an amazing nightlife, architecture, and food. There is nothing better than enjoying Lisbon with a joint in hand and we want to help you with that endeavor. Here is the ultimate guide to everything related to Cannabis in Lisbon, Portugal.

Weed Laws in Portugal

It has been widely reported that in 2001, Portugal decriminalized every single drug that exists from marijuana to crack. The change of policy came after a severe epidemic in the 90s, and now treats drugs as a public health issue instead of a criminal issue, like other countries. That doesn’t mean that drugs are legal, but if you have less than a 10-day supply on you, you might just get your drugs confiscated. Larger doses will qualify you as a dealer and get you in trouble.

What exactly happens if you get caught depends a lot on the situation and the cop that finds you, but they are usually friendly and if you are too, you shouldn’t get into any trouble. Usually, the cops do not care about weed. You might get fined, but again, for a few grams on you, that is very unlikely unless you act like a total prick.

What is the deal with the “10 Day Supply”?

There is some discussion on what exactly counts as a 10 day supply in Portugal, and it seems that the cops that approach you decide ultimately. It seems that up to 25 grams of cannabis and 5 grams of hash are accepted the amount. That being said, do not carry more than a few grams on you, just to avoid any potential trouble.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Lisbon

Getting weed in Lisbon is pretty easy, just head to the city center to Baixa and go to Praca Martim Moniz. There are African guys there that might even approach you to sell you weed. Be very careful when buying on the street as these guys are sketchy and there are also pickpockets walking around. You should also keep in mind that the quality of the cannabis/hash on the street is pretty low, but it will usually get you high.

Cannabis Prices in Lisbon

There is a lot more hash going around Lisbon than weed and the quality of the hash is often better than the weed too. The prices are around 10 euros for two grams of high-quality hash, but tourists often get asked for more. Always check what you are buying, as some of the dealers are known to rip off tourists.

Here are some cannabis-related Portuguese slang words that might help you.

Ganza – Marijuana

Charro – Joint

Bongo – Bong

Shamon Low-quality hash

Pollen – Mid quality hash

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