Weed in Lima

People who love to explore different cultures around the world should definitely have Peru on their bucket list. A capital city Lima is known for the ancient civilization of the Incas and its Spanish architecture. Also, Machu Picchu is easily reachable from the city which is one of the places you definitely must visit in your lifetime. In this article, we’re going into details when it comes to getting and smoking cannabis in Lima. Keep reading!

Cannabis Laws in Peru

Peru has one of the most confusing laws when it comes to cannabis. Well, possession of a small amount of weed which is regarded for personal use is legal by Article 299. That’s great news, right? Well, not really! The written laws totally differ from practice. You can have up to 8 grams of weed on you, and you should be fine. If you have two different kinds of drugs on you, then the law doesn’t apply to you. The practice shows that police officers are very corrupt there and if you get caught with up to two grams, you can expect to pay a bribe. Any amount larger than 2 grams can give you a hard time in Lima.

Where to Get Cannabis in Lima

There are many places around Lima where you can score fantastic weed. Your best bet would be walking through Miraflores or Avenida de Pizza. These two places are filled with dealers or people who can hook you up with someone who can help. You will most likely get offered by locals who’re selling. Also, another good way to get your hands-on cannabis is by befriending locals who will definitely know a person or two who can help.

Cannabis Prices

The prices hugely vary, depending on the connections and quality of weed. The standard price is around $10 for 2 grams. For instance, if you know a local who can hook you up, you will get the best deals. One man reported that he got an ounce for 40 dollars through a local who hooked him up with a dealer. That’s a pretty fair deal if you ask us!

Other Information

Although weed in Peru is legal for personal use on papers, the practice of law won’t show you that case. The police there are very corrupt, and if they catch you with cannabis, you can expect a hard time for sorting that situation. Weed can be found almost anywhere in Lima and the price will be lower if you have connections. Use your common sense when smoking and don’t buy weed in public places.

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