Weed in Leipzig

Leipzig is an East German city, whit a rich history and tons of things to do. It is understandable if you want to smoke some weed during your travels in Leipzig. Luckily cannabis is decriminalized in Germany and it is quite easy to get weed if you know where to look. Still, keep in mind that marijuana is not legal in Germany and you will need to be careful not to get fined by the police when smoking.

Cannabis laws in Germany

When it comes to cannabis, Germany is very liberal and open-minded. A lot of young people, especially college students, smoke weed. Medicinal marijuana is also legal since 2017. Cannabis is decriminalized in Germany for the possession of small amounts, meant for personal use. This means that if you are caught with a few grams on you, at most you can receive a fine. For larger quantities of weed, or selling and growing weed, you could go to prison.

Overall weed is very accepted in Germany, but still, you will need to be careful not to smoke in public and get caught by the police. You probably will not get in much trouble, but you still want to avoid the fine.

Getting weed in Leipzig

If you do not know any locals from Leipzig, you will need to look out for street dealers. Luckily there are a few spots in Leipzig where you are almost guaranteed to find a dealer. If you walk around the Richard Wagner Platz, especially the skate park, or Dimitroffstraße there is a good chance you will see someone who sells weed. Dealers are usually young Arab or Black men. The price of marijuana is 10 euros for 1 gram of weed. Always be careful if buying from street dealers and try not to get scammed. Never pay before you have seen the weed.

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