Weed in La Gomera

La Gomera is one of the Cannary Islands that belong to Spain, but are located just off the coast of Africa. Here you will find unique nature, great beaches and everything that there is to lova about Spain. If you want to smoke weed during your vacation in La Gomera, that shouldn’t be too hard, as the laws are quite allowing.

Cannabis laws in Spain

Spain is known as a laid-back and relaxed country, so it should come as no surprise that the marijuana laws are pretty liberal and cannabis consumption is rampant. The possession and cultivation of cannabis is decriminalized in Spain for personal use and in private property. This means that you are allowed to grow a marijuana plant and smoke in your house, but the second this happens outside, it becomes illegal. Luckily, you only face a fine for smoking, if the cops even bother.

As long as you don’t smoke in a busy street or in a restaurant, you will be fine when smoking weed in Spain. The laws are liberal and the police has other priorities, just don’t push your luck to avoid paying a fine.

Getting weed in La Gomera

It is easy to get cannabis in the larger cities in the Cannary islands, but finding something to smoke in La Gomera can be hard. The island is much more rural and less touristy than the others, so there aren’t any dealers walking around. The good news is that the laws are relaxed, so there is marijuana going around, you just need to ask around. Ask people in the tourist and hospitality industries, many of them smoke and should be able to hook you up.

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