Weed in La Coruna

La Coruna or A Coruña is a Spanish city in the north of the country, that is popular with locals and increasingly with foreigners. There are great beaches, amazing food and a lot of waves to be caught here! If you want to smoke weed in La Coruna, you will need to look for it, but you should be able to score some:

Cannabis laws in Spain

The status of cannabis in Spain is a bit of a grey area, but it is generally tolerated. Possession, smoking and even growing weed are decriminalized, as long as it is for personal use. You are allowed to smoke and grow, as long it is indoors, and the second you bring your marijuana outside, or the plants are visible from the outside, you could get in trouble. The good news is that it is still decriminalized, so you only face a fine, if the police even bother.

As long as you do not sell or traffic cannabis in Spain, there is little that can happen to you. The police are not too concerned about people smoking a joint on the beach and will hand you a fine at most.

Getting weed in La Coruna

Finding weed in La Coruna can be hard for tourists, as there aren’t too many street dealers around. This is a more rural and conservative area, but there are still people that smoke and if you ask around, you will get some. Students are always a good bet, but also people working in the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as surfers are good to ask.

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