Weed in Koh Samui

Ko Samui is Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket, it is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in South East Asia. On the island, you can find all sorts of people. There are the young backpackers from all around the world, the rich that come to relax in the luxurious resorts, as well as some families that want to have a more exotic vacation. Cannabis is illegal in Thailand, but if you look hard enough, it will not be a problem to find some weed. Read on for the guide to cannabis in Ko Samui.

Cannabis laws in Thailand

Despite the fact that it is quite easy to get a hold of, cannabis is illegal in Thailand. According to the law, you could get a fine or go to prison for possession, selling or growing cannabis. The exact punishment depends on the exact amount of weed and whether or not it was for personal possession or for sale. Most tourists that get caught with a few grams on them, usually get away with a fine or a bribe they pay to the police, but there are cases of tourists going to jail. The fines can also be quite hefty and ruin your Holiday, so remain careful and vigilant when smoking on Ko Samui.

Where to find weed in Ko Samui

Cannabis is easy to get in Ko Samui. Chances are that you will be offered to buy cannabis while walking around the island. However, you do need to be safe and not buy from any tuk-tuk driver. Marijuana is illegal and there is a chance that the dealer will report you to the police so that they can take a rather large bribe from you. The best and safest places to buy weed are the Rasta bars. There are often people sitting around smoking weed in those bars and staff will also sell weed. If you do not come by any of those bars, simply ask around. Most backpackers will know where to get weed from. The price is usually 500 Baht for a baggie with a few grams in it.

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