Weed in Koh Rong

Koh Rong was once a peaceful Cambodian island, but in these past few years business has been booming and more and more tourists have been visiting. There are beaches, waterfalls and fishing communities to explore. On top of the standard island fare, weed is easily available in Koh Rong. If you want to get high, you will. Keep on reading for our full weed guide to Koh Rong:

Cannabis laws in Cambodia

Cambodia had a long history with marijuana, and it has traditionally been used in cuisine and for its medicinal qualities. While the Cambodian government has since introduced laws that make marijuana illegal, they remain largely unenforced and cannabis is often sold in the open. There are many ‘happy’ pizzerias where for a few extra dollars the cooks will sprinkle weed on your food, the THC from which will be infused with the fats of the cheese during cooking. Places like that are pretty open about what they do and the police don’t seem to mind too much.

Still, you do need to be careful with weed in Cambodia, as the police will likely ask you for a bribe if they catch you with marijuana on you. It’s usually not a very large bribe, but still best not to resort to that. Just keep your eyes open and don’t smoke in public in order to avoid getting in trouble.

Getting weed in Koh Rong

As we already mentioned, Cambodia is pretty chill about weed and Koh Rong is no exception. Many spots offer ‘happy’ pizzas that will get you high, but Koh Rong has its own specialty. ‘Happy cookies” are pretty much what you expect if you expect it to be a pretty strong weed-infused cookie for 5$. Many places along the beach sell them. It’s all in the open and there are even signs advertising the edibles. You do have to be careful though, as some cookies are stronger than others and more inexperienced stoners should only go for half a cookie. On top of that, you can easily find weed if you ask the tuk-tuk drivers or guys working on the beach, but the cookies are the easiest and most legit way to get cannabis in Koh Rong.

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