Weed in Ko Pha-ngan

Ko Pha-ngan is an island in Thailand, known for its Full Moon parties is one of the top party destinations for younger tourists and backpackers. The island has more to offer than simply partying. There are pristine white beaches, many spots where you can go diving as well as a lush jungle interior. The island also offers great nightlife and restaurants, for tourists that are not in the mood for a Full Moon Party. Weed is illegal in Thailand, but fairly easy to get. Here is our guide to cannabis in Ko Pha-ngan.

Cannabis laws in Thailand

When it comes to cannabis, Thailand has strict laws in place, but in practice, weed is fairly easy to get. By law, there is no distinction made for personal possession of a few grams. Instead, there is a distinction made for 10kg of weed or more. If you ever have more than 10kg on you, you are in serious trouble, most likely prison. For the average tourist, that carries a few grams on them, a fine is the most common punishment. This being said, the law is not very specific and each case can be different, there are tourists that go to prison for cannabis possession in Thailand, so never carry more than a couple of grams on you.

Always be careful and discreet when smoking in Ko Phangan. There is a lot of police on the island and if caught you will most likely have to pay a fine or a bribe, which can be quite hefty.

Getting weed in Ko Pha-ngan

Similarly to other Thai islands, weed in Ko Pha-ngan is sold at some of the bars. You can buy cannabis from many different bars, but the most popular ones are Amsterdam bar or Reggae bar. Feel free to ask around where else you can get weed, most backpackers also smoke, so it is never to hard to find. You can usually get a few grams for 500 Bath. The quality of the weed is not always the best, but it is cheap and you do get a lot of it.

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