Weed in Kavala

Kavala is a city in the north of Greece, close to the Bulgarian border. The town is a popular tourist destination and offers great food, beaches, and history to its visitors. Getting weed in Kavala, however, is quite hard to find. There aren’t any street dealers there and tourists are often unsuccessful. Read more to find out the details, as well as some of our tips.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Cannabis is illegal in Greece ant the laws are some of the strictest in Europe. It is unlikely that you will get into a lot of trouble for the possession of a few grams, meant for personal use, but your vacation will likely be ruined. By law, you need to go in front of a court, which could mean that you have to stay in jail for a day until you can actually go in front of the court. You will most likely receive a fine after that. Larger quantities will get you in a lot of trouble and even prison.

That being said, things in practice are not so bad. Like anywhere in Southern Europe, people in Greece smoke weed and so do the many tourists. However, it is advisable to be very careful and discrete when smoking.

Finding cannabis in Kavala

Getting weed in Kavala can be challenging, but not impossible. There aren’t many street dealers in Greece, due to the harsh laws, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t weed going around. You might want to ask some of the local hospitality workers, such as waiters, receptionists, and lifeguards. Many of the young people in Greece smoke weed and they might be able to hook you up with a connect or sell you themselves. However, you will have a much easier time buying weed in Thessaloniki or Athens.

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