Weed in Karachi

Pakistan is a country of rich culture and traditions, and Karachi stands as one of the most populous cities in the world. If you’re planning to visit the city, then you’ll have many options when it comes to leisure activities. It’s a metropolitan city with many things to do and crazy nightlife, so if you’re looking for fun, you will definitely find it in Karachi. Also, Pakistan is a very popular country when it comes to cannabis and hashish. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Karachi.

Cannabis Laws in Pakistan

Any activity related to cannabis is illegal in Pakistan, and you can get land in jail for the smallest quantities of weed. However, the police are underpaid which means the bribe can get you out of any trouble. Always use your common sense when doing anything related to cannabis and you most likely won’t end up in any trouble. It’s almost an unexistent possibility that you’ll end up in prison if you’re a tourist in Pakistan.

Where to Get Cannabis in Karachi

If you don’t have a connection in the city then getting weed could be a bit harder, but still highly possible. There are few places you want to check if you’re looking for high-quality weed or hashish. For example, you should check around Pyala Hotel and Zamzama Boulevard as these places are usually filled with younger people who consume cannabis. Keep in mind that it’s not acceptable to walk around and approach people asking for cannabis and they will usually reject you.

Cannabis Prices

Karachi is very popular for hashish and it would be a sin not to try hashish during your stay there. You can get a good piece of high-quality hashish for around $2. If you’re looking for weed, it will be a bit harder to find and the prices for Indica dominant strains start at $3 for a gram. Don’t forget to bargain as you will most likely end up paying a lower price than asked.

Other Information

Karachi is an awesome city with so many things to experience, and while smoking weed is strictly illegal, many people are smoking and selling. It won’t be hard to get your hands on good quality hashish or weed, but use your common sense if you want to avoid any trouble with the police. Enjoy your stay!

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