Weed in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is located in the West of Thailand and is quickly becoming one of the best spots in the country for travelers. There is beautiful nature, temples, elephants and trains to be seen here, so certainly enough for a few days. If you are a cannabis smoker and would like some weed in Kanchanaburi, you should have no trouble getting any:

Cannabis laws in Thailand

Most of the countries in Southeast Asia have very strict cannabis laws, but luckily Thailand does not follow their example and cannabis is legal here. If you walk around most of the touristy parts of the country you will see weed stores and makeshift stands where marijuana is being sold. You are allowed to buy it and smoke it, as well as grow and sell it. The only restrictions are that you are not allowed to smoke in public areas, but rather need to do it at home or in a secluded area.

The sale of cannabis as well as its export is still regulated and it’s best not to deal with that. You should also not cross any borders with marijuana on you, as most of the neighboring countries have harsh drug laws.

Getting weed in Kanchanaburi

Finding weed in Kanchanaburi is very easy, as marijuana is legal in Thailand and sold all around town. If you google cannabis or ganja cafe you will get different establishments that sell decent quality weed at alright prices. You could also buy weed from someone on the street, but the quality there is going to be hot or miss.

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