Weed in Kampos

Kampos is a beautiful Greek beach, known for its clear and clean waters and fine sand. There is nothing better than laying on its sunny shores, but a join could elevate the experience. The situation with cannabis in Greece is complex, but luckily this article has all of the necessary information for your visit to Kampos.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Unlike comparable countries, like Italy, Spain, and Portugal, Greece is very strict when it comes to its cannabis laws. In theory, things aren’t too bad and the possession of small amounts of cannabis meant for personal use is decriminalized. That means that you will only get a fine for a couple of grams on you. However, in practice, things are more complicated than that. A judge needs to determine if the cannabis you had on you was meant for personal use and that means you might be stuck in a Greek jail for a day or two before your court date is due.

Smoking weed in Greece isn’t as dangerous or illegal as in other countries in the region, but getting caught will definitely ruin your vacation and can cause a lot of trouble with missed flights. Therefore it is best to be very careful and always on the lookout when smoking there. If you are discreet, everything should be fine.

Getting weed in Kampos

Kampos is not the best place for weed aficionados. Greek drug laws are very harsh on dealers and there aren’t usually any walking around selling out in the open. Most of the locals have a person they call and buy from, and your best bet is to find a local to help you. Ask barmen, taxi drivers and waiters to hook you up, and you might get lucky. However, only do that with younger people as the older ones are conservative on the topic of weed.

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