Weed in Jesolo

Just off of Venice, Jesolo is one of Italy’s best beach resorts. Every year millions of people visit and there is a good reason for that. The beaches are exactly what you expect and look like a postcard from Italy. Weed in Jesolo is easy to get and you are just a few questions away from getting it. Keep on reading for our ultimate guide to cannabis in Jesolo.

Cannabis laws in Italy

There seems to be a trend with the South-Western European countries when it comes to weed. Spain, Portugal, and Italy all have some of the most liberal drug policies on the old continent. Italy has already legalized medicinal marijuana and the hemp industry is going strong. Recreational cannabis is still illegal, but there are some pushes for legalization, most notably the ‘cannabis light’ that is being sold. Although it is very low in THC, it is a step forward.

If you are caught smoking a joint, or with a few grams of cannabis in your pocket, that is considered a misdemeanor and you will get a fine. Only dealers and traffickers go to prison for weed in Italy. During your trip, you might notice some people smoking weed in public and while that is common amongst teenagers, it is best to be careful if you do that. At the very least to avoid a fine.

Getting weed in Jesolo

We already have a guide to getting weed in Venice, and it is probably better to check that one out first. But, if for some reason you can’t go there, or prefer to look for weed in Jesolo, here is what you have to do. In the evening take a stroll around the beach. There you might encounter some black/middle-eastern guys selling trinkets and sunglasses. Odds are that they are dealers too. Just approach them and ask for “fumo”. There is a lot of hash in Italy and they might have that. The prices for tourists are high but expect to pay about 7-9 euros per gram. Check the weed or hash before you pay, as some people get ripped off.

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