Weed in Jerusalem

For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been one of the most important cities in the Middle East. It has significance to Christians, Jews, and Muslims and it is claimed as the capital of both Israel and Palestine. Despite the ancient history and political conflicts, Jerusalem is a modern city that offers many of the amenities you can also expect from Tel-Aviv. Nightlife is great and weed is not very hard to get or expensive. Read our guide to find out where to get cannabis is Jerusalem.

Weed laws in Israel

Israel is one of the countries with the highest percentage of cannabis smokers in the entire world. As such, the laws regarding cannabis are not very strict. Marijuana is illegal, but decriminalized, meaning that you will not be sent to jail if caught smoking, instead you can expect a fine. In practice, the enforcement of these laws is not very strict and it is not uncommon to notice the smell of cannabis when walking around the city, close to bars or the university. Smoking in public is still not recommended, even if locals do it as it might get you in trouble.

Israel is also a leading country when it comes to medicinal marijuana. Not only is it allowed and thriving, but Israel has become one of the biggest producers of all kinds of medicinal marijuana products. There is also a lot of research concerning the medical benefits of THC going on in Israel.

Where to get weed in Jerusalem

As a tourist, you have to be very careful when buying weed in Jerusalem. If you walk around Downtown and Jaffa Street, you can spot Palestinian kids hanging out, they usually sell weed or know where you can get it from. There is a big chance that they rip you off however, so your best bet would be to ask people who are already smoking. If you walk around the city for long enough, especially at night and outside of the old city, you are bound to smell the scent of weed. Just ask whoever is smoking and they might be able to help you. Hash is much easier to find than weed.

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