Weed in Jacksonville, Florida

Many people don’t realize it, but Jacksonville is actually the biggest city in Florida. It’s not a traditionally popular tourist destination, but if you want to see unadulterated Florida, this is a great place to check out. When it comes to weed, it’s a mixed bag. The Florida laws aren’t too strict, but you will have a hard time finding cannabis if you don’t know a guy.

Cannabis laws in Florida

Florida is pretty friendly when it comes to marijuana, but recreational weed is still not legalized. In 2016 medicinal marijuana was legalized. When it comes to recreational, if you carry less than 20 grams, you will not get into much troubles. State wide, you can only get a 1000$ fine, a year in jail, or your driver’s licence can be suspended. What exactly happens to you depends on the exact circumstances of the arrest, but as long as you aren’t driving high and don’t have a large amount of weed on you, it should be fine. Some counties in Florida are more weed friendly, but Jacksonville is not in one of those.

Marijuana possession is a misdemeanor in Florida, but you still don’t want to get caught. It can be a hassle and it will likely cost you money and time, so be careful and never carry more than 20 grams of cannabis on you.

Getting weed in Jacksonville

Finding weed in Jacksonville can be challenging for out of towners. While there are some dealers in the shady parts of town, going there is very dangerous and not recommended. Instead, it’s a good idea to either go to some bar or the beach. The people there are usually friendly and talkative, so meet some college kids, they will be able to hook you up and give you some guy’s number.

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