Weed in Ixtapa

Ixtapa is a small resort town in Mexico, known for its great beaches, relaxed atmosphere, and great landscape. If you want to sit by the pool and eat some great Mexican food, you will feel right at home here. If you also want to smoke some weed in Ixtapa, that should be easy to arrange:

Cannabis laws Mexico

The current legal situation regarding cannabis in Mexico is very complicated and involved a lot of legal wrangling, and is still ongoing. In short, the Mexican Congress could not agree on how and when to legalize recreational marijuana and the issue was moved up to the Supreme Court, which finally decided to legalize it. However, there are still no laws regulating cannabis, so it is in a grey area.

Marijuana is more or less legal in Mexico and many people smoke weed, sometimes out in the open. That being said, as a foreigner you want to be careful, as the police might decide to swindle you. Do not smoke in public and be discrete.

Getting weed in Ixtapa

You should have no trouble finding weed in Ixtapa. It is a touristy town and there are guys selling weed out in the open, often even approaching foreigners. If you walk around the beach or the other central parts of town, you will find some weed. However, the quality is often very low and you should definitely try to see the weed before paying.

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