Weed in Istanbul

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Istanbul, that is located on two continents, there is a considerable chance that you’ll want to smoke cannabis to enhance your experience. The city has a long history, and you can see many old buildings from different civilizations. Culture lovers will surely enjoy each moment in Istanbul. Keep reading as we’re going into details when it comes to getting and smoking weed in Istanbul.

Cannabis Law in Turkey

Cannabis laws are stringent in Turkey, and any activity regarding cannabis is strictly forbidden. However, people are very open to cannabis as around 30% of Istanbul’s population is smoking weed. Cannabis isn’t decriminalized there which means if you get caught with weed, there is a huge possibility you’ll get fined and imprisoned. That is the situation with locals, but when it comes to tourists, you won’t experience the same things. If you get caught by the police, there is a huge chance that the police officer will accept a small bribe. Also, it’s advisable to not smoke in public places, and if you use your common sense, then you can enjoy your favorite strain in Istanbul without worrying about getting busted.

Where to Get Cannabis in Istanbul 

Like we already mentioned, a huge portion of the population is smoking cannabis in Istanbul, so scoring decent quality cannabis isn’t hard. The best spots where you can easily find cannabis is definitely Caddebostan park and Tarlabasi. There will be many younger people who smoke and just approach them with positivity, and they will definitely help you. It’s advisable to always check cannabis before buying as there are many scam reports in these places. Don’t go in shady backstreets and stick to the masses.

Cannabis Prices 

You can get an excellent quality weed in Istanbul, even if you don’t have connections. Check out the places mentioned above and be sure to always check the weed quality before buying. The prices for decent quality cannabis start at $8 per gram. If you plan to buy larger quantities, the price will be more like $4 per gram. Also, hashish is widely used and sold in Istanbul and you should definitely try it during your stay. The prices for a good sticky brick start at $5 per gram.

Other Information

Istanbul is an attractive city and the consumption of cannabis is still illegal. However, a huge portion of the city’s population consumes weed, and the general population positively accepts weed. If you get caught as a tourist with weed, a small amount of bribe will get you out of the situation. Just use your common sense when buying and smoking, and you’ll have more than a pleasant experience.

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