Weed in Hydra

Hydra is a beautiful island, located in the Aegean Sea of Greece. It has been populated since antiquity and the history is definately something worth looking into. However, we know you are here to find out about the weed situation. Cannabis is illegal in Greece, and getting your hands on it can be hard. Read the rest of the article for more detailed information on the weed situation in Hydra.


Cannabis laws in Greece

Cannabis is illegal in Greece, just like in most of the other countries in the region. The situation has been improving in the last few years, with the legalization of medicinal marijuana, but the society and legislation remain conservative. If you are caught with a few grams of weed, you will most likely just get fined. However, it is up to a judge to make the decision between possession for personal use and possession with the intention to sell. In practice, this means that you will often have to way for a day or two in a Greek jail before you get the chance t even go before a judge. Needless to say, that is not the ideal way to spend your holiday.

When smoking weed in Greece, be very careful of your surroundings. The locals, especially the older ones, are usually very anti-weed and they might report you if they notice that you are smoking weed.

Finding cannabis in Hydra

Getting weed in Hydra can be very challenging for tourists. Due to the harsh laws, that are very harsh on dealrs there aren’t many street dealers to be found, as opposed to places like Spain and Italy. Instead, you will have to try your chances with the local staff that works in hospitalty. Ask waiters, people working in bars or promoters. Youn people in Greece smoke a lot of weed and a more friendly local might be able to help you out..

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