Weed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very attractive destination, especially for people who enjoy learning about new cultures and traditions. There are various fantastic things to do in the city, and as it was a British colony, the city is populated with many expats around the world. It’s a port city with amazing skyline and great shopping malls and street food stands around. When it comes to cannabis, it’s a bit complicated situation in Hong Kong. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with the information on getting and smoking weed in Hong Kong.

Cannabis Law in Hong Kong:

Any activity related to cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal, so you should be very careful when doing anything related to weed in Hong Kong. Cannabis is listed as a dangerous drug, and you can end up in serious trouble if you get caught by the police. However, police don’t seem interested in cannabis, especially if you’re a tourist. Although using common sense is definitely of huge help. Don’t walk around the city and smoke or carry any weed on you. Police can randomly ask people for IDs and search them, so it’s not the best idea to have a weed on you.

Where to Get Cannabis in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a massive city with many tourists and expats living. It won’t be so hard to get your hands on high-quality weed, but it will be definitely easier if you have some established connections before you arrive. The best bet is to check a downtown area called Kowloon as younger people are hanging out. Simply ask them politely if they know someone or can help you and you will probably get some weed.

Cannabis Price in Hong Kong:

Weed is usually sold in larger quantities around Hong Kong, and it will be hard to get smaller quantities, especially if you don’t know people. The usual price for an ounce is around $300, but you can expect a high-quality. If you want to save some money and get yourself average cannabis, then expect to pay around $100 for an ounce. Scoring hashish is very easy in the city as many people are selling it and it will cost you around $50 for an ounce, but don’t expect the highest quality.

Other Information

Cannabis is very illegal in Hong Kong, but it’s easy to find a high-quality weed at a reasonable price. Be careful when smoking and walking around with cannabis as police can randomly ask you to show them your ID, and if you look stoned, they can easily search you. Use your common sense and smoke in secluded places, and you’ll most likely have the time of your life. Enjoy your stay!

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