Weed in Helsinki

If you ever find yourself in Helsinki, the beautiful capital of Finland, there is a high chance that you’ll want to enhance your experience by lighting up some cannabis. Weed is generally forbidden to smoke and distribute in Finland, but you weed isn’t placed high on the police priority list. Helsinki has much to offer regarding food, activities, attractions and amazing island archipelago. Here you can read a brief guide that will help you getting and smoking weed in Helsinki.

Cannabis Law in Finland:

Cannabis is still categorized as a narcotic but isn’t listed in schedule one. It’s illegal to possess or distributes marijuana and you will most likely go to prison if you plan to distribute cannabis. Also, if the police catch you with the growing gear like pots, lights or seeds, you will find yourself in trouble probably facing jail time.

However, having up to 15 grams on yourself will get you a fine of 60 euro minimum if you get caught by police. The laws aren’t strict for cannabis usage and you’ll be most likely fine, but don’t smoke in public places.

Where to Get Cannabis in Helsinki:

People who smoke usually hang out in the parks around the Helsinki. There is a high chance that you’ll smell weed whenever you pass through any park. The best bet is to go to Synebrichoff Park during the summer season as the park is full of young people who’re smoking. Be positive and polite while asking them about the herb as everyone is very cautious. The only downside is the quantity you’ll get there as it’s common to get ripped off.

Cannabis Prices: 

The prices highly depend on people you know and the places you go to. If you’re looking for a solid hash, be ready to pay around 10 euro for a gram. The high-grade weed buds will cost you around 15 euro per gram, but you can get a decent quality bud for around 10 euro per gram.

Finding decent buds in Helsinki won’t be a problem, especially during the summer. Just walk through any park and you’ll probably find someone who’s smoking. Weed prices are a bit higher, but the quality is amazing. Don’t smoke in public places filled with many people and you’ll be fine.

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