Weed in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a university city in Germany. It’s a fun place to visit and all of the students add to the atmosphere and the night life that Heidelberg has. When it comes to weed, you can find something to smoke while there, but you will need to look around a bit. However, you will score. Keep on reading for more information on weed in Heidelberg:

Cannabis laws in Germany

Marijuana is illegal in Germany for recreational use, but the laws are very liberal. In regards to possession, the penalty depends a lot on the State you are in. However, just to be careful, it’s best not to carry more than 6 grams of weed on you. If you have less than that, the police are likely just going to give you a warning, and confiscate your weed. You can get into more trouble if you smoke next to a school or a very public place.

Possessing a small amount of weed is decriminalized, so for mild consumption, you should be fine with the authorities. However, do not involve yourself with growing or selling weed, as those can get you into a lot more trouble.

Getting weed in Heidelberg

Finding weed in Heidelberg is definitely possible, but it will require some looking. Neckarwiese is a good spot to look around at, but you can also try in front some club, as dealers appear there at night. However, you should keep in mind that those guys are not to be trusted and they will likely try to rip you off. Always check the weed before you pay for it. You can expect to pay 10 euros for a gram of weed.

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