Weed in Havana

Havana is the largest city and capital of Cuba. This illustrious nation is renowned for its cigars, great food, and communism. If you manage to get to the tropical paradise of Cuba you might want to improve your experience with a joint. That being said, the cannabis laws in Cuba are very strict, and smoking weed while there is generally not a good idea.

Cannabis laws in Cuba

Despite its relaxed vibe and colorful culture, Cuba is a very strict country and you do not want to get in trouble there. The drug laws are very strict and that includes marijuana. The possession of weed is also illegal and it’ll get you six months to 2 years prison sentence. If you are caught selling, or trafficking cannabis, the punishment is even more severe. The police in Cuba are usually corrupt and a bribe might get you out of trouble, but that is extremely risky.

Cuban prisons are not considered very welcoming, so staying out of them should be your top priority while vacationing in Cuba. As fun as it might sound, getting weed in Cuba is a very bad idea and not worth the risk.

Getting weed in Havana

There is a black market for everything in Cuba and that includes marijuana. However, we need to reiterate that it’s not a good idea to try and buy weed while there. There are people that will offer you to buy fake cigars on the street, and some of them also sell weed. However, it’s usually not great quality and you risk a prison sentence just for having a joint on you.

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