Weed in Gyor

The baroque architecture truly makes Gyor stand out, even though it’s pretty unknown to tourists. It isn’t filled with tourists like Budapest, and also has its own distinct charm that makes it worth a visit. Of course, the whole experience will be much better if you could get some cannabis, but it’s not that simple to get it over there. People over there aren’t used to getting many tourists, and the nightlife isn’t robust like in other Hungarian centers.

Cannabis Law in Hungary:

Hungarian law has a strict view on cannabis. Any local found in possession of cannabis can face being sent to the detention center, which is quite harsh. That doesn’t stop many Hungarians to smoke weed. The typical situation over there is like this. People who are caught smoking cannabis can often get out of that position with a bribe. Growers of cannabis are more strictly punished and usually sent to jail. That means that you’re relatively safe, but should still be on alert if you’re on a budget.

Where to Get Cannabis in Gyor:

As Gyor is a town without much attention, scoring weed may be a little complicated there. The first move you should take is to speak to locals in nightclubs, where there is often weed around. Street dealers can also be found on the main square at night, but you should be cautious about the law enforcement too. As the process of getting weed is a little complicated, the best bet is to find a reliable source at some bar or club and save time and money.

Cannabis Prices in Gyor:

What you need to know about Gyor is that the people over there usually don’t accept any other currency other than forint. When looking from the Euro perspective, you can get a gram for around 10€. You can also get smaller deals easily over there, as there is not that much weed in Hungary. The most common source of cannabis over there are Dutch imports, so you can be sure that cannabis will be enjoyable. It is highly recommended to buy weed from local dealers and try to negotiate a better deal.

Other Information:

Gyor is a little jewel in the northwestern part of Hungary. This baroque jewel is even more fun while on the buzz, but getting high on cannabis there may cause you some trouble. Cannabis laws are often enforced over there, so you should be careful. You can buy your freedom if found with a joint, but possess more than 5 grams on yourself, and you’re in serious trouble. These laws don’t stop Hungarians from smoking and selling weed so that you can find it with some extra effort.

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