Weed in Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe archipelago is an overseas department of France, located in the Caribbean. It is a full-fledged member of the EU and uses the Euro, which makes it a convenient destination for travelers from the old continent. Here you will find the usual Caribbean deal: great beaches, amazing food, and warm weather. If you also want to smoke some weed there, there should be no problem:

Cannabis laws in Guadeloupe

Marijuana is illegal in Guadeloupe, but that does not mean that it is nonexistent on the island. There are rastas on the island and cannabis is often consumed in public, without the police doing much about it. The only thing you need to worry about is having too much weed on you because that could qualify as trafficking, which is much more strictly controlled than personal use.

It’s best to be discrete when smoking weed in Guadeloupe. Most policemen will not bother you too much about smoking a joint, but they might confiscate your weed or shake you down, so it’s best to pick a more secluded spot and be smart about your weed use while there.

Getting weed in Guadeloupe

Most people will not have any trouble getting weed in Guadeloupe. If you walk around the towns you will invariably come across locals smoking weed, just ask them to hook you up and they will. Most of them will be happy to make some extra money and cannabis is easy to come by on the island. The prices and quality can vary a lot, so always ask to check out the weed before buying it and negotiate the price down.

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