Weed in Grenada

Cannabis laws in Grenada

Cannabis is illegal in Grenada, regardless of how often it is consumed. There have been suggestions to legalize, decriminalize or at the very least allow the Rastafarians on the island to smoke cannabis legally, but none of those have become law yet. You could get arrested for having a joint on you, but in practice, it is likely that you’ll get away after paying a bribe to the cops. Cultivation and trafficking of cannabis are more serious offenses and can land you in jail.

There are people smoking weed in public in Grenada, but it’s generally not a good idea to do that, especially as a tourist, as any interaction with the police can be unpleasant.

Getting weed in Grenada

Finding weed in Grenada isn’t too hard and you will be able to score some all over the island. In the touristy areas, there are Rastas and other locals that are selling weed and it’s not too hard to notice them. However, many of them will give you bad quality weed at a high price, so it’s a good idea to check the marijuana before you pay and to haggle about the price a bit.

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